Cramer Earrings



If you’re looking to give a special pair of earrings for a person who is optimistic & energetic…this earring is for you!


The Cramer Earring is an ode to….Sarah Cramer…The earring is made up of silver and turquoise and has three parts to it.  Turquoise is said to protect the wearer from negative energy, bring good fortune and balance. The middle circle symbolizes the “divine” or “perfect” and the three parts to the earring symbolizes the past, present, and future…I feel as if these characteristics symbolize Sarah…She is one of the most optimistic and energetic people i’ve ever met….a ray of sunshine surrounding her and bringing good fortune and positive energy to everyone.  I also love how she’s striving for perfection in her work and how her photography often brings together the past, present, and future.