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Charcoal Enzyme Large Turkish Towel

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Joie De Vivre: A delight in being alive; keen, carefree enjoyment of living. Hearty or carefree enjoyment of life. A love of life. From French, meaning “joy of living.” 

Our Joie De Vivre Towels, the perfect name for these hand-loomed towels, are crafted by friends in Turkey using organic vegetable dyes and peshtemal fibers. Uniquely designed for us, the towels are labeled with our own Erin McDermott tag.

Used for centuries in Turkish baths, or hammans, these, total body wrap bath towels ... as well as the hand towels ...dry quickly and are extremely absorbent. 


-Use the hand towels, bacterial resistant and non-lint, in the kitchen to wipe clean dishware and glasses.

-Layer the gray neutral color over any color for a beautiful accent in your powder room.

-Pack them easily to use as the perfect picnic tablecloth...or to cover and spread on the ground for sitting. 

-Layer the towels over another tablecloth on your dinner table-white or a pop of color- for added texture and a relaxed feel.  Another added benefit - I use the towels to cover the stains on my worse-for-wear,  but still-loved tablecloths that I don't want to toss.

-Use for wraps (perfect on the plane when traveling because they take so little space), baby blankets, throws .... even beach towels because the tight weave repels sand.           


Small - *comes in set of two textiles*
17.5" wide
3.7" long with tassels

3'2" wide
5'8" long including tassels 

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