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Flash Sale Thursday - Fun and Fresh!

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Today's Flash Sale Thursday is made up of a fun and fresh pieces!  A few lightweight resin hoops paired with an everyday necklace and creamy stone bracelet. These four looks are perfect to mix and match!

Italian Espresso Necklace - A chic combo of hammered gold, blush and tortoise components! A perfect choice for any season or situation.

White Turquoise Stone Bracelet - This bracelet is stretchy and fits every wrist size! It's made from white turquoise and reminds us of serenity and calmness. 

Mint Julep Disc Earrings - Each disc is 2" in diameter and light as a feather! These statement Sea Foam Earrings are such a blast, you'll be so happy you have them for your next evening out!

Grey Fog and Mist Earrings -  These earrings have a hint of grey and cloud and a great for Winter and spring. Neutral and versatile,  these little beauties are tried and true!!

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