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Kid’s Coral Cover-up

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I'm all about simplicity and ease these days! Throw these on your child when they are at the beach, hop out of the pool, coming out of the shower, playing outside in the yard, traveling, or running around town! They are made from organic vegetable dye and stone-washed to give a soft and durable feel. We promise these will last for years and years! 

Choose from blue or coral - each one is unisex.

We have worked closely with the most lovely mill in Turkey to design and create these for you! These are 100% authentic...made with a fast drying Turkish Fiber called Peshtamel Fabric.   Each one is carefully hand-stitched by the most incredible Turkish Family and made with so much love. 

These are made from the  finest quality bamboo and Turkish cotton blend fibers, which are naturally UV protectant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, ultra absorbent, soft, lightweight and quick-drying. 

The proprietary peştemal fabric is made of Turkish cotton blends, produced in our hand-woven looms. Bamboo fibers, sourced from farms in Uzbekistan, give these peştemals unique properties: microbial and fungal resistance as well as enhanced UV protection and static resistance. Bamboo is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fiber, the stalks do not need pesticide, they release 30-35% more oxygen than trees, and they grow extremely quickly: 3-4 feet a day!

These will be one of the only things you need for your kiddos when you travel, shower and go to the pool! 

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