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That little black book…

things made out of paper

Another yearly ritual Lauren looks forward to diving into full speed is "magazine sorting."   Lauren subscribes to dozens of magazines & throughout the year, she has little time to read them.  She arrives in Aruba with approximately a small boat-load of unread magazines & each day, she tears out articles and tid-bits from each one.  Afterward, she divides all the articles, recipes, work-out tips, "must have" items, and organizing tips into several different groups and transfers all this info into separate mole-skin books (this moleskin series is particularly nice.)  It doesn't stop there...she then adds the lists to a...

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get your hands dirty

inspiration things made out of paper

An interesting enevelope arrives in the mail....hmmm.  When the envelope is opened and the paper is unfolded & handled, the following phrase is revealed: the future belongs to the few of us willing to get our hands dirty.  Unique concept and oh so very true.  Get out there & get dirty. Poster created by Roland Tiangco

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