Luxe Box!!! The perfect holiday gift!!

This is the ultimate gift. Would you like a a box of happiness filled with a special piece of jewelry to arrive at your doorstep each month? The Luxe-Box ships to you at the first of the month and inside you will find a piece of jewelry valued at 50.00-150.00. We will use the same stones and materials that we use for our entire collection, but you will be spending only 25.00 per piece and this will add up to 300.00 a year! Quite the deal…especially if you are looking for a new piece to wear each month.


If you order before December 1st, the first Luxe Box will be sent in time for Christmas with the first piece of jewelry inside the box along with a description of the Luxe Box so that the recipient knows what to expect. Please e-mail us or call with any special instructions you'd like for us to include:


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