Monday Night Pottery

Truth be told, my husband, Bryan, is quite the "artiste"...during our last year together at UVA, he helped (alright, maybe a little more than "helped")  with dozens of my art projects. I was an art major and an education major and my concentration in art was wood cutting. Bryan would spend hundreds of hours cutting wood block for printing while I was in front of his computer helping him with his thesis.

He is also the "behind the scenes" to many of my jewelry designs. It's definitely not uncommon around here to see him assisting me in the wee hours of the morning with the jewelry assembly line...attaching stones on cuffs, clasps on chain, and pendants on necklaces.

So...when he suggested that we sign up for a Monday evening pottery class for 8 weeks - I was all in! We've had a blast on the wheel and next week we will begin glazing! Be on the look-out for some display pieces coming soon.

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