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As we leave this wintery mix behind, "Wedding Season" is quickly approaching.  The possibilities are endless and I love chatting with brides about their special day! I started designing bridal jewelry about 4 years ago when I was getting married and deep into the wedding planning. I realized that jewelry is a great gift to give your wedding party, but I wanted to make sure that I could give my girls something that they could wear after the wedding too! I began to design pieces that would look great with bridesmaids dresses, but also afterward with a cute dress or with a favorite blouse and jeans. The bridal jewelry started to catch on, and today, I design for about 150 weddings each year!

These earrings are designed for a beach wedding this summer. The bridesmaids will be wearing charcoal grey dresses and the earrings are made from pastel colored recycled beach glass.


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