10 things I like to do when Bryan is not home...

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I have to admit that I love Sex and the City.   One reason is that I used to live with my sister  on the same block in the West Village where the scenes outside Carrie's apartment were filmed.  It was so exciting to walk by and catch them filming the show.  I loved when the creators of the show made it "snow" in July for the episode they were filming.  But, another reason I liked the show, is because some of the lines really resonate with me.  In particular, I recall them discussing "Secret Single Behavior."  These are the quirky habits we all have when we are home alone and no one is around to watch (or let's face it - judge) us.  So, here is a list of my secret single behavior ... also known as 10 THINGS I LIKE TO DO WHEN BRYAN IS NOT HOME: ssb -blog  

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