City Streets Necklace December 07 2012, 0 Comments

[add_to_cart item="294" quantity="user:1" ] I'm so excited to share The City Streets featured in Real Simple Magazine! This is the perfect necklace to make a statement, but still keep it casual. The black stones keep it unique but neutral so you can wear it with anything! Also, check out the City Streets Earrings...the perfect earrings to wear with this necklace. They certainly finish off the "City Streets" look.rsz_oe-z2pfwhneg8gtgnuu4-at53p9ooila_mrfso8ppjql3nu4o5diqqxrihe8lv5zp781lc4hyqqcq_lmliyg0wn408pdtb_6slgpbkblbtdcekwr7ac99vbzkgr31ufsa [add_to_cart item="294" quantity="user:1" ]