Sunday Night Inspirations

sunday night list

  • Rainboots in puddles.
  • Walking off an airplane to someone you love.
  • Slipping into those worn-in sweatpants after wearing a skirt all day.
  • That one song you haven't heard in years.
  • Lofts.
  • Jumping off a rope swing into the lake for the first time of the summer.
  • The one pair of jeans that will never let you down.
  • Falling asleep with your windows open and listening to a rainstorm.
  • Finally finding out the right words to a song.
  • Peeling off a price sticker perfectly.

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  • ebmcde on

    awe! thanks so much! that made my day.

  • Lori D'Amico on

    Your Sunday inspirations make me so happy! I feel like we’re kindred spirits when I read them :)

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