the sunday list...

sunday night list

  • Creasing the final fold on an origami crane.
  • Watching drops of water move on a glass window of a car when it's raining... i love to watch each raindrop hit the glass window and quickly gather speed to run into another splatter of  water on the window.  The two raindrops run into each other and pick up speed until they reach the next drop on the window...I always try to follow the first drop and see how far it will travel on the window.
  • Old copper pots of various sizes hanging from the ceiling in a kitchen.
  • Bright rainbow sprinkles on a scoop of vanilla icecream nestled in a cake cone.
  • Always knowing i have a charm necklace around my neck to fiddle with if i get nervous.
  • Red & white twine wrapped around a brown kraft paper box
  • Impractical and quirky impulses.
  • The simplicity of a poached egg.

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