sunday night list February 28 2010, 0 Comments

* The weight of a down comforter...there's always a cool spot and always a warm spot. * The square patch of sunlight on the bottom left-had corner of my bed my bulldog finds every morning...pure heaven for her. *Dangling my feet...i love to dangle my feet off  the side of a dock or a swinging wooden bench...something about swinging them back and forth without feeling the ground underneath. *Hearing a song for the first time that moves you & keeping it on repeat for an hour... *Peanut butter, ritz crackers and a glass of milk * Watching kids have fun with Lucky  Charms.  I love the ways kids get so excited when they see the colors the milk turns as the colored sugar dissolves or how they carefully separate the marshmallow shapes and the wheat cereal and put them in two different piles.